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Shadowgrounds Weapons & Upgrades

Shadowgrounds has ten exciting and customizable weapons that form a destructive arsenal. Some weapons are better suited for certain situations but each and every one is useful. Each weapon can be upgraded a few times but you must choose carefully. Take a look below to get a glimpse into the weaponry of Shadowgrounds.

Cartridge: Fuel cans
Magazine capacity: 300 (inf.)
Rate of fire: Continuous
Aim distance: 20 m
Weight: 5.870 kg
Overall length: 752 mm

Wareng Technologies Plasma 650 "B.R.N" Flamer has a short but extremely hot flame. The weapon is often used in the military to eliminate potential threats fast and efficiently. This specific model is the favorite weapon for many soldiers because of its elegant looks and easy usability.

The B.R.N. Flamer is highly customizable and has plenty of upgrade possibilities. Hotheaded fighters have developed a liking for the Fuel Trap, which requires a lot of courage and skill. To prepare for the Fuel Trap, soldiers first spill some fuel onto the ground. Only a slight amount of heat is needed to ignite the trap and unleash the fiery flames.

The Fuel Trap is not only good in tight combat situations, it is also extremely efficient in dividing the battlefield. If you are on the run, just create a couple of Fuel Traps behind you, and it's almost guaranteed that you won't be in any immediate threat. Don't come crying to us if you are, though.

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