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The Shadowgrounds soundtrack is a big part of the game experience and consists of different genres, such as atmospheric ambient, cinematic orchestral scores and fierce action music influenced by such genres as aggressive breakbeat and hard electronic. While the styles differ, each track is designed to support the game experience.

The music (and the sound effects!) were created by Frozenbyte's incredibly talented in-house musician Ari Pulkkinen. In addition, the guitarist from Finnish monster metal band Lordi, Amen, worked closely with Ari on the aggressive action tracks and performed live guitar to create several awesome riffs that are used on the Soundtrack. Lordi the band won the Eurovision song contest in 2006, marking the first time Finland has ever won the contest (or placed in the top-5). Frozenbyte congratulates Lordi on making Finnish music history - and hopes there's more co-operation possibilities in the future!

The Soundtrack has been reviewed at GSoundtracks, where it received 3,5 out of five stars. There is also an interview with Ari at the same site.

Some music and sound related quotes below. To see all the press Shadowgrounds has generated and to check out the preview links, go to the Reviews & Quotes page.

"The soundtrack and sound effects are delicious. Whoever is in charge of the production of this game is taking prime examples from Hollywood, as the musical score is as at least as important to establishing tension as anything visual. Along the way you'll encounter pipes that burst without warning, flickering lights, sounds of things scuttling around in the darkness, splotches and pools of blood, air duct grates that suddenly fly off or swing with an eerie squeaking as if something just went into one... all of it adds to the wonderfully sculptured atmosphere of the game."
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"Music varies from a scary, dark "storm in the wilderness" style, to super-Euro guitar rock as you launch into combat, and the effects all sound good." preview

"The audio in Shadowgrounds is also fantastic and goes hand in hand with the creepy lighting. The ambient sounds are great and, again, will get you frantically turning around to find out where that last growl or snap came from. The original music also serves its purpose well. Think of orchestrated music with a dose of action and you'll get a pretty good idea of what the background music is like. I'm also not only a fan of the music, but how it was implemented. Unless you consciously listen for it, you will rarely hear the music pronounce itself; yet it is always playing in the background, giving the game a more dramatic and cinematic feel."
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To download songs from the Shadowgrounds Soundtrack, check the Music download page.

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