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As of version 1.05, all Shadowgrounds retail versions use the same patch.

Begin the patch installation by starting the executable file (double-clicking for example) and select the same directory where you installed the retail version of Shadowgrounds. The installer may automatically know the correct directory. Now click Next and the patch is installed. The installer will automatically overwrite all the changed files. After the installation is finished, check the patch ReadMe, launch the game and enjoy.

Please note that patches will only install if you have the full retail version of Shadowgrounds. The patches do not work with the Steam version or the Demo version. Steam users are advised to use the autoupdater feature of Steam. (Steam has the patches available at the same time as they become available for retail versions.)

The 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions of Shadowgrounds have one major crash bug and a couple of minor issues. The major crash bug causes computer screens/PDAs, the weapon upgrade menu and some other menus to crash at random. Some users never experience these problems whereas others have them frequently. The bug was fixed in the 1.04 patch. The latest patch, 1.05, fixes some minor things and adds some new minor features - and it's a unified installer for all retail versions.

Latest patch - 1.05

Patch 1.05

Filesize: 7 MB
Released: September 2006


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The patch can be installed on any version of Shadowgrounds. It features all the fixes and features that were previously available in earlier patches.

The patch installer includes five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Finnish. The patch works on other language versions too (use English as the installer language if your native language is not supported). The patch does not change your game's language.

Note to Steam users:

Steam users must use the autoupdater feature of Steam. Steam is kept up-to-date on all Shadowgrounds patches. Do NOT try to update the Steam version with the patches on this page, because it will not work.


Version 1.05:

* A couple of minor fixes to video playback, all known video issues should now be resolved
* Creates statistics correctly for mods (collect_game_stats command, \Stats must be present in the SG folder first)
* Unicode fonts now display correctly in all resolutions (Unicode is only used for some minor releases of the game but can also be used in mods)
* Some English grammar fixes (thanks go to ZEUS_GB, Black Vault and Ishmael on the official forums!)
* Minor text box graphics fix for Mission 2 regarding the Water Pump part
* 45 degree walls don't make the player stuck as often anymore
* Animated monsters now remain dead even if they are triggered to act (Brutes in New Atlantis)

* Building blocks added to the patch Data file so gamers can play mods properly without installing the Level Editor)
* "Help" command added to help players who get stuck (it allows ghost mode for 5 seconds)

Version 1.04:

* Major crash bug related to fonts fixed (this affected PDAs, weapon upgrade menu and some others)
* Minor text fixes throughout the English version
* One Mission 12 conversation bug fixed

* Keyboard-only aiming possibility added (no mouse required)
* Windowed mode now with titlebar (movable window)
* Unofficial support for more keyboard buttons
* Error reporting (see below!)

Version 1.02 UK:

* Many collisions fixed in the missions, the player should no longer be able to get to the "edge of the world" in any mission
* New sound drivers might help with some sound issues
* Creating a new player profile name now caps at 19 characters so the text string no longer goes out of screen
* Bugs related to Profiles fixed

Version 1.01:

* Mission 4: ISERCom; Some people have experienced problems like getting stuck in the corridor fight in the middle of Mission 4. After this patch this should be fixed (the doors should open automatically after x minutes).
* Mission 7: Provectus; in co-op, after this patch the players should be able to continue the game if they die during the Provectus reactor fixing.
* GeForce 6600GT; some graphics bugs fixed (new NVIDIA drivers fix a lot of bugs too)
* Minor text fixes throughout the game
* Slightly modified font (better comma etc)

* After completing the game on "Hard" difficulty, a new difficulty setting "Very Hard" becomes available.
* After completing the game on "Very Hard" difficulty, the ultimate difficulty setting becomes available: "Impossible".
* "Reset After Load" added to Shadowgrounds Launcher; if the game crashes when you press "START" in the Loading Menu, disabling this feature may help on some graphics cards.

For information on the Patch features, please see the Troubleshooting / FAQ section Patch Help.

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