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Shadowgrounds Gamepad Configuration

Shadowgrounds works with any gamepad but it is recommended that the gamepad has two analog sticks and at least 8 configurable buttons. Different gamepads have different button configurations. Analog stick sensitivity may also differ. Menus and other options are accessible with a gamepad - not very elegantly, though. A mouse is recommended as a backup device at all times.

Starting a co-operative game is simple

For a gamepad to work in Shadowgrounds, the operating system must recognize it first. To see if the gamepad is recognized, go to Control Panel -> Game Controllers. If the gamepad shows up in the list, then it will work in Shadowgrounds. If the gamepad is not recognized, please consult the operating systemís help files.

To connect a console gamepad to your PC, you need to use an adapter device that plugs into the USB port of your PC. Shadowgrounds has been tested to work with console gamepads used via an adapter, such as the popular "Joybox" adapter series.

Each player profile can use a different configuration. The in-game gamepad configuration setup should be enough for most gamepads.

Please note that at present time Shadowgrounds does not support force feedback or rumble features.

Set the axises right, and you're set

However, if your gamepad is not working like you want it to, you can go to your Shadowgrounds program directory, \Profiles, and then whatever profile you want to use the gamepad with (for example \Joypad1), and then \Config. You will find a file named "keybinds.txt". You can open this file and manually edit the configuration. Note that the gamepad number is determined by the operating system, and it can be joy, joy2 or joy3. You should set the settings in the game before manually editing the Profile, to make sure you use the right joy name.

Note that you should always update your gamepad drivers, because some problems may have been fixed by the gamepad manufacturer.

Pad not working? Here's a gamepad checklist:

- Is the controller set-up correctly in Windows Control Panel -> Game Controllers? Do both of the thumbsticks work ok there? Are there different game modes available, such as "Flight Simulator" or "Action games"? Try a few different ones and see what the results are.

- Are there any special buttons on the controller itself, such as "Digital Mode" or something like that? Try pressing them and see if something happens in the game.
- What does Shadowgrounds say in the "Axis X" and "Axis Y" section in the Options page?

- Go to the Shadowgrounds directory and then \Profiles\yourprofile\Config, and open the keybinds.txt file. Then check the first two lines. See what is the name for the working axis/rudder or throttle the game uses by default, and then try to figure out what the other name would be (i.e. if it's "rudder" then try "throttle" for the other, or if it's "axis_rx" try "axis_ry" for the other). If you're still having problems, please use the Feedback Form. Also please specify if you are using a console pad via an adapter, and which adapter it is and who is the pad manufacturer. Also please tell if you are trying to move the character with the left thumbstick, and use the right thumbstick for aiming, or some other configuration.

Frozenbyte has tested several gamepads. A specific list of gamepads and their suitability for Shadowgrounds is below. New additions are welcome (see the bottom of the page).

PC pads:
Logitech Rumblepad 2 *RECOMMENDED*
Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 2

Console pads:
Original Xbox pad *RECOMMENDED*
Xbox 360 wired pad PC/X360 *RECOMMENDED*

General left-handed configuration

Logitech Rumblepad 2
Logitech Rumblepad 2 is rather pricey but that's the only downside - it's great. There are no known problems with this pad and Shadowgrounds.

Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 2
Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 2 is a rather old gamepad and not a very good one, and has some problems with Shadowgrounds. (Newer Thrustmaster gamepads should be much better.)

A common problem is that you can't use the right thumbstick for aiming. To fix this, add these commands to keybinds.txt:

joystick_x_axis = axis_throttle
joystick_y_axis = axis_rudder

Thanks to Mercenary for additional feedback.

XFX is a budget pad and quite rare but it works well with Shadowgrounds.

Original Xbox pad
The original Xbox pad is good and works ok with Shadowgrounds (via a third-party adapter such as the Joybox adapter series).

Xbox 360 wired pad PC/X360
The Xbox 360 uses gamepads that are compatible with PC. Currently only the wired Xbox 360 pad can be plugged to a PC. The 360 wired pad has been tested with Shadowgrounds and it works great.

General left-handed configuration
The in-game controller setup may not allow you to switch the positions of the thumbsticks (i.e. aiming to the left stick, moving to the right stick). This problem is caused by the right stick not being detected when configuring the "forward", "backward", "strafe left" and "strafe right" commands.

To fix this problem, you need to manually edit the keybinds.txt file in your Profiles\profile\Config\ directory. Find the following lines:

camera_move_forward = joy-up
camera_move_backward = joy-down
camera_move_left = joy-left
camera_move_right = joy-right

You need to change these to match the right thumbstick commands of your gamepad. Usually they are "throttle" and "rudder". To find out what they are with your gamepad, configure the pad "normally" first (moving to the left stick). Then see the keybinds.txt file, and check the values of joystick_x_axis and joystick_y_axis. Most gamepads use axis_throttle and axis_rudder. You need to leave the axis-part out of the name, and change the configs to:

camera_move_forward = joy-throttle-up
camera_move_backward = joy-throttle-down
camera_move_left = joy-rudder-left
camera_move_right = joy-rudder-right

Some gamepads, like the Logitech Rumblepad 2, use rudder and throttle in a vice versa way, so you may need to switch their places. ( camera_move_forward = joy-rudder-left, camera_move_backward = joy-rudder-right, camera_move_left = joy-throttle-up, camera_move_right = joy-throttle-down )

You might also want to check the forum thread where a user solved this problem himself.

No information on your gamepad? Having problems? Please use the feedback form or ask on the Message board.
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