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Shadowgrounds Level Editor Downloads

All the Level Editor related downloads are here.

Download the Level Editor (Direct link, 3 MB)
Download the Level Editor (From Meridian4, 3 MB)
Download the Level Editor (From WorthPlaying, 3 MB)
Download the Level Editor (From 3D Gamers, 3 MB)

Please note that the Level Editor requires the full version of Shadowgrounds and the 1.04 patch. The Level Editor will not work with the demo version. Steam users of Shadowgrounds must use Steam to get the Level Editor.

In addition to the Level Editor itself, you may want to download some additional tools. We will release some Shadowgrounds modifications to the free sourcecode editor SciTE soon.

Shadowgrounds Level Editor Menu

 Level Editor Sections How To Use The Level Editor
 Level Editor Home Part 1:Getting Started
Downloads Part 2:Terrain mode explained
 Installation and Mod Setup Part 3:Scene mode explained
 Creating Missions & Campaigns Part 4:Objects mode explained
 Mission Basics Part 4b:Creating buildings with blocks  
 Tutorials Part 5:Buildings mode explained
 Troubleshooting Part 6:Units/Scripts mode explained
Distributing Mods
Part 7:Lights mode explained

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